We believe that everyone can find their own unique attribute making them a Legend. A Legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they are remembered, they are cherished. There are all sorts of Legends in this world – famous or not. Becoming one means finding your particular passion, your unique attribute, which we call “Legend Element”. By following it, and touching others around you, you will become a Legend.

1. Find your Legend Element

Identify your talents. People remember Legends for what they do and the impact they have on lives. What do you love to do? What are you good at? Find your unique attribute in life – find your Legend Element. Take a good look at the natural talents you have, something that you love to do, you do it memorably and like no one else. Something you do because it makes you fulfilled and whole.

Consider your values. People remember Legends not only what they do, but also what they are – which values they represent. Find out your stock of values in life. To us the main values are mateship, adventure and sustainability of the life and nature on the planet.

Look for overlap between talents and values. Your Legend Element isn’t a job. It’s something you would do in your spare time or without getting paid. You won’t necessarily like it all the time, but it drives you. The key is to find a niche where your natural talents and values come together.

2. Follow your Legend Element

Embrace your niche. Becoming a legend is about finding your Legend Element and making an positive impact on other people’s lives. Where you end up might surprise you. Your niche might be in a profession or job, or it might be the role that you play at home as a mother, father, sibling, or child. Embrace it! Legends try to be the best in their chosen field.

Emulate others. Find models to follow. They could be people that you admire, like a favourite kitesurfer or skilled surgeon. Or you might single out certain qualities to emulate, like your local priest’s generosity or your dad’s selflessness. Models will help you grow into your role and to grow as a person.

Develop a positive thinking. Have you ever known of a Legend with a defeatist attitude? No. They became Legends by believing in their Legend Element and by not giving up, no matter the odds. Can you imagine a social justice hero giving up hope in the future? Can you imagine a great athlete doubting her ability to win the big game?

3. Serving a greater good

Stop worrying about what others think. Part of becoming a Legend is in the mind. Legends are confident, cool, and have a certain “I don’t care what you think” attitude. This doesn’t mean that they are self-absorbed or arrogant. But it does mean that they believe in their Legend Element.

Start living for others. Try to put others first in your life, be generous and thoughtful. The more you impact people’s lives, the more likely you are to be remembered by them and become a Legend.

Give back and give freely. Whatever your Legend Element is, give freely of it. Share your talent, your advice, your time, or your knowledge. People will be more likely to remember you because you’ll have made a difference in others’ lives.