Legend Element: Live your adventure

Legend Element is not just another clothing brand. Our main goal is to promote adventuring as an important component of mental health and overall wellbeing. 

We are thrill seekers and explorers living life on our own terms. We passionately seek to empower people to live their own unique adventures – to live a fun, active and fulfilling life.

For inspiration listen to our Legend Element Podcast; interviews with Legends amongst us. Come to one of our events where you can meet and talk to us in person.

We are specialized in sustainable leisure wear

As most of our adventures are directly connected with nature, we value and cherish the planet we live on. We are not eco-freaks, but we do our best to have a healthy relationship with our environment. In our shop you can find a variety of environmental friendly products, which you will always wear close to your heart.

We are especially proud of our range of T-Shirts with original hand-printed designs. We individually screen-print our products using the latest technology.


Be part of the Community

We believe that each individual can discover their own “Legend” identity. Everyone can find their own unique attribute making them a Legend. It is all in your hands! Becoming a Legend means finding your particular passion, your unique attribute, which we call the Legend Element. How? We’ll tell you HERE!

Make the move, find your own unique attribute, your own “Legend Element” and become part of the Legend Community. Live your adventure to the fullest and become an inspiration for others.

Be inspired by the Legends: Legend Element Podcast

Tune into the Legend Element Podcast and be inspired by everyday heroes and their adventures. You can find us on Spotify and other podcast apps. We broadcast in English, Czech and Slovakian.

Help us by empowering other people to embark on their own unique adventures by sharing your own story through our podcast! Contact us at info@legendelement.com, or through FB @legendelementofficial.


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