Our Philosophy: Adventuring supports mental health!

We believe that adventure experiences are crucial components of our overall wellbeing and happines. The main goal of Legend Element is to promote an adventure lifestyle as an important part of mental health.

Our mission statement is to empower people to live an active, fulfilling lifestyle and then for them to take up the torch and similarly motivate others. Become the Legend you were born to be and inspire other people!

Legend Element: Adventure + Mateship + Sustainability

Adventuring promotes self-development, and enhancement of an individual’s mental wellbeing.

The benefits of an active and adventurous lifestyle are being recognized across the globe:

  1. Acquiring new physical skills can promote a positive self-concept and help you to build confidence.
  2. Overcoming adventure challenges will stretch your comfort zone and will help to develop resilience, mental toughness, and a positive attitude.
  3. Adventure activities will get you more social, meet likeminded people, and forge new mateships.
  4. Outdoor spaces can help you to relax, rejuvenate your soul, lower stress and anxiety.
  5. Adventuring will reconnect you with nature and make you more aware of the environment we live in.

As most of our adventures are directly connected with nature, we value and cherish the planet we live on. We are not eco freaks, but we do our best to have a healthy, sustainable relationship with our environment. In our shop you can find a variety of environmental friendly products, which you will always wear close to your heart.

Join the Community of likeminded people, who are adventure lovers and want to live life to the fullest. Stretch your comfort zone and boundaries. Live your adventure!

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